Quick Business Manager Professional Edition

Quick Business Manager Professional Edition

QBM is an affordable solution for your organization to manage...

QBM is an affordable solution for your organization to manage the business transactions, know about your customers, vendors, inventories, and manage employees.

QBM is designed to be easy to use, with the state-of-the-art user interface. Some general features are:Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Employees and Payroll, and Reports.

Some other features are:* Export Invoices, Quotes, Orders, Bills, and any other documents to Microsoft Excel. * Save your data and reports in multiple formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Web Page, PDF Format, Plain Text, XML Format * Create Graphs: Use charts for graphical view of reports * Easy to use with minimum training required* Latest technology from Microsoft - Store and secure your data with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, the most advanced database server in the market - Developed using Microsoft.

Net technology, the most advanced technology in the market - Fully Object Oriented: developed using Microsoft C# programming language - Multi-Tier: Quick Business Manager is an enterprise business manager that is divided into four logical layers or tiers.

As a result of its design a business can deploy the application in a variety of distributed and non-distributed configurations. - Increased performance in Client/Server environment: uses Microsoft.

Net Remoting * Lower Cost of Ownership and Quick ROI - Very user friendly: Intuitive user interface makes it easy for any user to be productive quickly.

No need for an intensive training. - Each area uses different color schema to make working with the software more enjoyable. - Affordable, and quick to implement - Highly customizable to fit your business needs.

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Quick Business Manager Professional Edition


Quick Business Manager Professional Edition